Working on student mobility programs for quite some years now we have realised that the number of foreign students who want to attend part of their courses in Greek institutions is very small, one of the drawbacks being language barriers. Another problem is the lack of information about the Greek academic life and culture. Information about the courses offered, the conditions of studies, accommondations, transportation, facilities and amenities in host cities etc.

The aim of the proposed project is to cover the above-mentioned needs in a systematic way. The project will build the HELLO Net (Hellenic Enjoyable Language Learning on the Net) website in order to provide:

a) on-line distance learning educational material for the teaching of elementary Greek to university students; a multimedia intensive course (with text, audio, video) video conferencing and other materials supported by web-based services in a user-friendly environment.

b) web-based extensive services with information about Greek educational institutions and various useful links.

The project's outputs will facilitate incoming students to smoothly integrate in the Greek academic and social life and raise awareness of the Greek culture. It will also help staff who is involved in monitoring mobility programs.

The project's outputs will represent a linguistic model whose potential will be able to be adapted to all languages and serve as a pattern for the production of on-line teaching material as well as the building of educational websites.